It took longer than expected, but here is V2 of our website.

The intention of our web site is to be informative first and a shop second.

We still want to see you in the shop as often as possible. The staff all have a great amount of experience and knowledge in their special fields. Add to this a real desire to help and satisfy, you, the customer.

Their names are :

Ian : The boss, he's the train guy
Simon : Ian's son, is in to pretty much anything R/C and flys planes and helicopters and getting better with trains.
Martin :
Manager. He is into everything but trains. He says he's a great fisherman !
Laochlainn : He is good at most, but is new with us.
Weekend lads : We have a couple of new weekend lads. We will see how they work out.

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As with anything new there are bound to be some problems. So if you do find any problems or dislikes on the site we need you to inform us.
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