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47438 Super Storm Dragon 1:10 2Wd Buggy Tamiya Kit






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The Coming Storm
This R/C model assembly kit creates a buggy inspired by the star vehicle of a 1980s Japanese R/C comic. The body was sold in 1989 as a spare body parts set, but this is the first time it has been made available in a kit with a chassis. It is based upon the proven rear-wheel drive chassis employed by the legendary Hornet. Pre-cut and pre-painted in white, all that is required to finish the body is the application of stickers. The driver figure can be painted in whatever style you wish.


Tough and Fun Chassis
The model's lightweight and durable chassis is based around a bathtub-type frame. It features front swing-axle suspension with friction dampers, while the rear is cushioned by a rolling rigid axle setup and oil dampers for excellent shock absorption. The differential is enclosed in a sealed gearbox to ensure that dust and dirt stay outside, allowing it to continue providing smooth cornering. Three-piece wheels give the car authentic buggy looks, with grooved front tires and rear spike tires guaranteeing superb performance on- and off-road.


‚òÖThe slimline polycarbonate body features stylish extended rear fenders inspired by dragon wings.

‚òÖThe Super Storm Dragon front suspension employs a simple yet highly effective swing axle setup.

‚òÖAssembly type three-piece wheels are paired with grooved tires to give the buggy excellent performance.


‚òÖThe longitudinally-positioned battery pack is accessed via a hatch on the underside of the chassis.

‚òÖAt the rear of the car, a rolling rigid suspension design is combined with oil dampers.

‚òÖSuperior grip comes courtesy of the spiked tires employed on the rear of the model.


‚òÖLength: 410mm, Width: 130mm, Height: 230mm ‚òÖWheelbase: 251mm ‚òÖGround Clearance: 16mm ‚òÖTread: 172mm (Front), 185mm (Rear) ‚òÖTire Width/Diameter: 21/73mm (Front), 49/86mm (Rear) ‚òÖRear-Wheel Drive ‚òÖ3-Bevel Differential ‚òÖ2-Piece Steering Tie-Rod ‚òÖSuspension: Front swing axle & Rear rolling rigid ‚òÖGear Ratio = 8.2:1 ‚òÖType 540 Motor ‚òÖElectronic Speed Controller (ESC) is sold separately.


Separately Required Items
‚òÖ2-channel R/C system w/ESC ‚òÖR6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter ‚òÖBattery pack & charger

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