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R1237 Night Mail Train Set Hornby






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Production Details:

In 1838, a pioneering system of transport millions of letter and parcels from town to town by railway began, with the Grand Junction Railway Company building the first mail sorting carriage on record. Many of these mail trains travelled at night and Post Office staff collected and sorted bags of letters and small parcels on the go, using lineside apparatus to automatically collect and offload mailbags. This set includes an operating TPO coach that automatically collects a mailbag from the included lineside apparatus, before delivering it to a collection point further around the oval track. The track in this set can be extended with either the Hornby Track Packs or by adding sections of Hornby Track.

Contents: 0-4-0 Tank Engine, Night Mail Coach, 4 Wheel Coach, Mail Drop off and Pick up Points, Oval of track with Track Pack A, Controller and UK Power Supply, Hornby Track Mat


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